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Industrial Gearbox Repair

Managing multiple vendors for the same task can be a waste of precious overheads. Hebco Industrial offers a one-stop shop for all your gearbox repair needs. Quite simply, we repair any gearbox, from any state, at any time.

Any brand of industrial gearbox repaired

Forensic style strip and analysis

Tap into our network of leading bearing, gear, and metallurgical engineers

Industry leading functional test as standard

Advanced vibration analysis

We can answer the questions others aren't even asking

Over 30 years experience

We can arrange the pick up of your gearbox

12 Month warranty on all repairs

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Our Repair Process

We have over 35 years experience and we know that you need information that gets to the point and cuts through all the engineering jargon.


Upon receipt of your gearbox, we log its details in our Repair Management System (RMS) system. Photographs are taken of the exterior and its condition documented. You are notified of its arrival.

Strip & Clean

Your gearbox is carefully and expertly disassembled to prevent  further damage. All components are thoroughly hot washed and, if necessary, glass bead blasted.


We then perform a visual inspection on all components take high resolution, studio quality photographs. If required, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) can be conducted on parts which pass our visual inspection.


Hebco Industrial takes a big picture view of your gearbox in your organisation, not just in our shop. It's not enough to know what's broken. We find out why it's broken. Our report is easy to read and answers 3 main questions.

  • What damage did we find?
  • How will this damage impact your gearbox?
  • What are our repair recommendations?


A detailed, no obligation quote is generated. This is a firm price with no cost-plus conditions. What we quote is what you pay.

Reassembly, testing, and painting

Your gearbox is reassembled by our team to OEM specs. We then conduct a no-load spin test during which we take vibration readings of bearings and gears for complete confidence. Finally, your gearbox is repainted to meet or exceed OEM coating requirements

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